Here are two announcements from the library:



If you have a 3-5 grade student….

Our “library research and book-writing project” is still in the works. However, we will not be wrapping up until after winter break so our open invitation to celebrate student work is on-hold until further notice.  I will send out an updated project time-line in kid mail during the first part of January to let you know when we are rescheduling the reading / writing celebration.  Thank you for understanding.



For all students from Kindergarten to 5th grade….

We are getting close to the long winter break, and I want to make sure that your student(s) can check out some reading material to bring home.  Unfortunately, if your student has any overdue books, he or she cannot check out until we clear their accounts. Students have three options when they have overdue books: 1) return the book, 2) renew the book and keep reading it, 3) pay the replacement fee to Miss Karie in the main office, if the book is lost or damaged.    So, please look around your homes, cars, and backpacks for those overdue books. Reminder your students to look around the classroom libraries. I have the library staff searing the library shelves for lost books, too. Let’s find those books so we can all have a great break with a book! J


If you have any questions, please contact the library at 425-844-4689 or

Thank you,

Mrs. Missy Harvold


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